A Second Look at the First Look – The Lineup!

29 Dec

Craig Hlavaty just put the word out on Rocks Off: we’ve got a preliminary list of some of the amazing artists who are donating their time to play on Chris Gray Day in Houston!

Jesse Dayton, Buxton, Wild Moccasins, Little Joe Washington, David Beebe 3, Electric Attitude, Orange Is In, Flying Fish Sailors, The Allen Oldies Band, Pale, Paula Nelson Band, The Umbrella Man, CHangoMan, Spain Colored Orange, John Egan, Chase Hamblin Band, Matt Harlan, Jean Caffeine, Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers, Texas Tycoons, Benjamin Wesley Harding, The Mathletes, The Handshake, Governors Chair, Young Girls, A Dream Asleep, Bright Men of Learning, Allison Fisher Band

There will be some additions to this amazing bill as we get closer to the date.

Don’t wait! Make a donation or buy a wristband online or at Cactus Music or Sig’s Lagoon, because you won’t want to miss out on an epic day of fantastic fundraising for Chris.

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