The Most Important Meal of the Day on Chris Gray Day

29 Dec

We can now confirm that Chris Gray Day will kick off with the most important rock & roll meal of the day. The Allen Oldies Band will be cooking up their world-famous jalepeño pancakes.

Trust us—you’ve never experienced breakfast like this.

The pancakes? Well, the New York Times was captivated:

The frontman Allen Hill was a dervish in constant motion, working the crowd and testifying to the power of old-time rock ‘n’ roll to soothe your soul. And the best vantage point to watch was from stage right, where two women in matching bee costumes were making the aforementioned pancakes, turning the act into performance-art by spelling out song titles and other details of the show in pancake batter. As Hill dropped to a knee to pummel a cowbell with a drumstick, they cooked up the words “More cowbell.” Hill obliged.

On January 14th, you can make a donation stage-side to see Your Name In Batter on the hot griddle!

Here’s Mojo Nixon with a little taste of what you can expect:

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