The Judy’s on the Block

9 Jan

At the benefit on January 14th, we’ll be auctioning off some one-of-a-kind items and opportunities. As soon as they are donated, you’ll read about them here. Your chance to bid will be January 14, 2012. We’ll also set aside some items with a “buy it now” price so you can guarantee you’re going home with what you want.

While they won’t be performing at Chris Gray Day, The Judy’s definitely wanted to be on board to help Chris out with the fundraising. They’re sending over some autographed vinyl for your collecting pleasure. Check this space later this week to see photos of what they’re actually donating, but to whet your appetite, we borrowed a photo someone else posted of some of their treasured vinyl:

Don't worry, bryankennedy, we just borrowed your Flickr image. We're not taking your album!

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