Auction v. Buy It Now – All You Need to Know

12 Jan

You’ve seen the list of some of the amazing items that have been donated. (Go ahead and check it out now if not – we’ll wait.)

Here’s how it is going to work.

The majority of these items will be for sale. There will be a price, and you can pay it and take the item home with you.

Between five and seven items will be offered instead to the highest bidder. You’ll be able to place a bid with our auction team, back with the other merchandise in the pool room/back bar area in The Continental Club, and then hope like hell that no one else outbids you.

The auction will end at 7:30 p.m.

If you are intent on winning, you should make plans to be there in the last fifteen minutes of bidding for sure.

Some suggestions and rules for the auction:

  • Come by early to check out how the system works. Practice makes perfect.
  • Be nice and have fun. In auctions and in general.
  • Bids will be displayed on a white board rather than a clipboard on a table. Auction staff will take your bid. You’ll give your name and bid amount. Please watch the staff write your bid down and confirm they got it right.
  • There will be minimum raise amounts. There will not be maximum raise amounts. So, if the item is at $100 and the bid increment is $50, sure, you can raise by $50. But why not scare everyone else away by raising by $250 instead?
  • It is almost like Ebay, but since we are human and not computers, if you try to wait until the last 5 seconds of the auction to bid, and one of the bid-takers is writing someone else’s bid down, you might just miss out.
  • Also, please do not say to the auction staff “whatever the high bid is, just put me down for $100 more.” They can’t be your proxy bidder.
  • If you want a proxy bidder, that arrangement needs to be between you and your proxy. We’ll hold you accountable for the high bid should you win this way, so better make sure you trust your proxy. Better to just be present yourself.
  • We’ll ask all bidders to either give us a business card or jot down name/phone/email on a note card. That way, if you are the high bidder but you’re not around when the auction closes, we can track you down. (By the way, you’re really rolling the dice if you leave before the auction ends, unless you take the maximum raise approach.)
  • If bidding is fast and furious on any given item, we reserve the right to take that item to a purely live auction at 7:30, where a designated auction official will take bids from the participating bidders until somebody says uncle.
  • We also reserve the right to offer an item to the next high bidder or otherwise sell any item that is unclaimed or not paid for by January 17, 2012.

The overarching rule here is that we are doing this to raise money for Chris. We’re going to bend over backwards to make absolutely certain that the bidding is fun for everyone and that we raise a bunch of scratch. If you act like a bully, overindulge and get mean, or otherwise act in a manner which under normal circumstances would lead to you getting kicked out of a bar, well, you just might get kicked out of the bar and have your bid withdrawn.

We’ll announce soon which items are going to be offered at auction. What do you want to see on the block?

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