Many Thank Yous

16 Jan

We owe thanks to so many people who made Chris Gray Day possible … while we’re catching our breath, allow us to start the list:

Thanks, first and foremost, to Chris himself. We hope you could feel all of the love, respect, and appreciation that we have for you. Knowing that you’re doing better every day is the best news we could have.

Thank you to Officers Zepeda and Wagner of the METRO Police Department. Our city is so fortunate that you’ve chosen to serve in such a meaningful way.

Thank you to all of the music fans and Chris Gray fans for donating to help Chris defray the mounting costs of his medical bills. Buying raffle tickets, purchasing and bidding on great memorabilia, and flat-out donating – we’re breaking out our green visors and abacuses so we can come up with a total very soon. (Hope you don’t mind that we took a little break today to rest and watch the game – we’re on it tomorrow, promise.)

To Charlie Hardwick, a.k.a. Uncle Charlie, for designing a killer poster to get the word out.

Thank you to all of the staff at The Continental Club, Pachinko Hut, and Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge. Pete, Goodtime, and everyone working a door or a bar or a parking lot, we appreciate you for being the first ones there and the last ones to leave, and for all that you did in between.

To the fantastic bands! Over 100 bands offered to donate your time and talent, and while we couldn’t squeeze everyone in, we sure did put on a helluva festival. Some of the fabulous bands that weren’t on the bill still showed up big to pitch in, which amped things up that much more. Thank you.

To Allen Hill, for putting together the schedule and keeping everyone in the loop so the show could go on.

To the teams at Cactus Music, Sig’s Lagoon, and the Houston Press, our thanks for casting wide nets to pull in some amazing donations that we were able to sell and auction away to fatten the bottom line on this fundraiser. Wow!

To George Greanias, METRO CEO, who made his first (but we hope not last) visit to The Continental Club to help us show our deep appreciation to your officers.

To the relentless Houston Press staffers and street team who shook every last penny out of every pocket person who came through the club doors on Saturday for the cause!

To the pop-up shop team, Quinn Bishop, Andrea Greer, and some key volunteers who stepped up exactly when we needed them, who peddled merch all day long and made sure many people will always have a little something – or a big something – to remember Chris Gray Day by.

To Bundrick & Sons Music, who donated over $8,000 worth of backline so we could run a 16-hour show on three stages that actually ran on time.

To the dedicated photographers, professional and amateur, who made sure we’ve got buckets of great shots documenting the whole shebang. Send us links!

To the KPFT DJs and Duane Bradley, for taking the good word to the airwaves. To the social media mavens who helped us get the word out, and the old school shoe leather folks who hung posters, thank you. You turned out the crowds.

THANK YOU to everyone who made this day possible. Who’d I forget? Someone will remind me. Stay tuned for more details on our results, but for now, enjoy the gorgeous day and know that you did good for a good man.

Oh, look, pictures! Check them out!

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