Can you buy wristbands the day of the benefit, or do you need to buy online?

You can purchase wristbands at the door the day of the show for a minimum donation of $20.

I’ve got my wristband, but the door guy won’t let me in. WTH?

Well, you can’t really blame the door guy. The issue is club capacity—we can’t risk the fire marshal shutting down the whole shooting match. There are no guarantees in life, so the best plan is to show up early and realize that a packed house and line out the door means that much more green in the Chris Gray fund.

I can’t come, but I want to make a donation. Can I just send a check?

With a check, as a wise young man once said, all things are possible. Make checks payable to Benefit for Chris Gray, and mail them to The Grays,16206 Bougainvilla Lane, Friendswood, Texas 77546. You can also drop off a check at Sig’s Lagoon or Cactus Music.

I have a complaint.

No kidding? So do I. When it gets cold like this, my knee … oh, wait, you were complaining about something, and I cut you off. But seriously, we’re doing this as volunteers in our spare time. Our intention is to help a good man out with some intense medical bills, and we’re working hard to make everyone happy. But you can never make everyone happy, so we ask for you to adopt an attitude of generosity and patience and put that out into the universe. It will come back to you, honest. In the meantime, focus on the good you can do, not the not good enough you think someone else is doing. Thanks.

Other questions? Let us know!

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