How to Help

Here are some ways you can pitch in to make this benefit a resounding success:

Donate money. Chris’s family will have a bank account set up very soon, and we’ll tell you how you can make a donation to the cause. Gifts of any size are welcomed and appreciated.

You can also donate in person at Cactus Music and Sig’s Lagoon.

Buy a ticket to the benefit. The minimum donation for a wristband is $20. But why pay $20, when you can get that same wristband for $40, $80, $100, $150, or even $500?! Seriously, the $20 is a minimum, and this is a benefit. (Wristbands will not guarantee admission—we’ve got to obey the capacity set by the fire marshal, obviously, but you definitely won’t get in without one.)

You can get wristbands through the link above, or in person at Cactus Music and Sig’s Lagoon.

Bring your friends to the benefit. They’ll need to buy wristbands, too, so send’em the link!

Publicize the event. Use #chrisgrayday to help us spread the word, link to blogs, post posters, and talk to people about it.

Donate merchandise. We’ll be selling rock & roll memorabilia, photos, sports collectibles, and more the day of the event. We’ll also be auctioning off some great packages including one-of-a-kind opportunities, gift certificates, musical equipment, and more. Got something you want to donate for the cause? Restaurant, massage, or store gift certificates? Autographed memorabilia? Sports tickets? Something else exciting? Get more info here on what we need and how to donate.

Learn CPR. Learn it, get certified, and keep your certification current. CPR saved Chris’s life. What if you get the chance to save someone else? Be ready to make that happen. Find a class here.

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