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Lemme Hear You Say Yeah: Portable DJ Deck

4 Jan

At the benefit on January 14th, we’ll be auctioning off some one-of-a-kind items and opportunities. As soon as they are donated, you’ll read about them here. Your chance to bid will be January 14, 2012. We’ll also set aside some items with a “buy it now” price so you can guarantee you’re going home with what you want.

Sure, you could¬†just use your iPod, but if you have DJ aspirations, you’ll be much better off with this Numark portable dual CD mixing kit that comes in its own case:

Prepare to geek out, gear heads:

The kit gives DJs a Fader Start control of the individual CD players, individual PFL metering, 3-band rotary EQ cuts, dual BNC light connectors, a high-quality crossfader with hamster switch slope control and unique fader tracking lights, and dual headphone outputs. The AXIS-2 tabletop CD players also deliver maximum bang for the buck, with a super-large 130mm Pitch wheel, 10 seconds of Anti-shock memory, a 100mm Pitch slider with +/- 8/16% pitch control, a built-in BPM counter, and CD-R compatibility. Relay play and six-way Fader/Remote start/pause or start/recue capabilities ensure fast and professional mixing, no matter the style of music.