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Auction Item: Good for your Sole

13 Dec

At the benefit on January 14th, we’ll be auctioning off some one-of-a-kind items and opportunities. As soon as they are donated, you’ll read about them here. Your chance to bid will be January 14, 2012.

John Nova Lomax has gained notoriety, but no blisters, by walking some of Houston’s most storied roads. If you aren’t familiar with his peregrinations, read this dispatch from his Sole of Houston saga to find out what you’ve been missing.

To help Chris raise funds for his medical bills, he’s donating the chance for YOU, yes YOU, to join him on a walk. Become part of the story!

Now, we’re not promising anything here, but if you’re a particularly worthy walk partner, he just might treat you to a post-walk adult beverage at one of his favorite watering holes. After all, he is something of an expert on the topic.